Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why Writers Aren't Always the Best Speakers

Finally, an explanation for why I have no problem putting words to paper (or screen) that make sense, but I become tongue-tied when I try to talk about those same ideas.

Why Writers Aren't Always the Best Speakers


Shanna Riley said...

Thank you *so* much for posting this article! It was so interesting to read someone writing out the "writing process" going on in their minds as they typed words to screen or jotted them down on paper. I always wondered why I could not speak as eloquently as I wrote, and now I know! I often prefer to send a letter or email to someone than call them, and that is exactly why. I really enjoyed this article and thank you for sharing it, Julie.

Helen Ginger said...

Writing and speaking do involve different parts of the brain. It's okay to use notes, but avoid writing out your speech, then reading it. Practice it ahead of time, record yourself and listen back, and time the talk. (My days of teaching public speaking are bubbling up.)

Straight From Hel

Julie Compton said...

Thanks Shanna. Hey, glad to see you made it over to Inked In. I'll be watching for some posts by you.

Helen, thanks for the tips. The funny thing is -- I'm an attorney, so I'm used to speaking in public. But it's very different trying to talk about your own work vs. arguing a point on behalf of someone else. Go figure. :-)