Friday, October 28, 2011

The Florida Writers Association names me as its 2012 Person of Renown

I'm happy to announce that the Florida Writers Association has named me its Person of Renown for the 2012 FWA Collection #4!

The FWA Collection is an anthology of short stories, essays and poems put out every year by the Florida Writers Association. The theme for the 2012 FWA Collection is "My Wheels." (It's pretty easy to figure out why they asked me to do this! See Exhibit 1 - Rescuing Olivia book cover.) Members of FWA are invited to submit work that relates to this theme. I get to pick my ten favorites and I'll also be submitting a story of my own.

The "My Wheels" collection will be unveiled at next year's FWA annual conference, October 19 - 21, 2012. Visit the Florida Writers Association website to learn more about the organization and the upcoming collection.

The FWA motto is Writers Helping Writers. And they certainly do! I'm honored to be asked to participate in such a special way.