Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why I Wrote KEEP NO SECRETS, What I Think About Reviews (Good & Bad) and Other Stuff of Possible Interest . . .

Reader and fellow St. Louisan Debbie Haupt has been one of my biggest supporters since she first wrote to me after reading Tell No Lies. When Rescuing Olivia originally released back in 2010, she invited me to participate in a book club discussion over at the Barnes & Noble fiction forum she moderates, and now, with Keep No Secrets, she did a lovely interview of me at her blog, The Reading Frenzy. You can read it here.

Among other things, I talk about why I wrote Keep No Secrets (the sequel to Tell No Lies), what I think about reviews (good and bad), and what I'm working on now. Hope you'll take a look and show Debbie some love! While you're there, consider following her blog. It truly IS a reading frenzy!