Wednesday, October 10, 2007

TELL NO LIES on display at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Rick's at the Frankfurt International Book Fair right now, and he was at his company's booth (which just happened to be next to the Macmillan booth), and something caught his eye, so he looked over and THIS IS WHAT HE SAW! My book on display! My book on a really, really big display! My book next to a Rolling Stone! In typical Rick fashion, when he calls to tell me about it he says: "Well, you finally got your name in lights!" I'm still smiling . . .


JacquelineC said...

OMG - how exciting is that?! I can't believe it. You now officially count as a "brush with fame" for me!~ lol


Anonymous said...

Makes my newspaper articles look a bit sad. Well done you! I must buy a copy when it's out.

See you in February...Innky