Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Barnes & Noble General Fiction Online Book Club

During the month of November, the Barnes & Noble General Fiction Online Book Club will read and discuss RESCUING OLIVIA. I'll be joining the discussion to hear what readers have to say and answer questions. Hope you'll join in!

Click here for the reading schedule, and for links to sign up with BN's online book clubs (if you don't have an account already).


Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Oh, fantastic! I'll be there...xoxo

Randy Susan Meyers said...

Great choice by B&N!

Bernie said...

They picked a good one!

By the way, I read the book and loved it. Even wrote about it on my blog.

I also bought Tell No Lies but haven't started it yet. Looking forward to it.

Julie Compton said...

Thanks you guys! I'm flattered the moderator picked it. Hank, I'll look for you!

Bernie -- WOW! Thank you! What a wonderful review! And don't sell yourself short -- commercials, interviews, blogs -- those are all forms of writing. You ARE a writer! Once you write that book, then you can also call yourself a novelist. ;-)

Hope you enjoy TNL!